Please help Re wheat free recipes

tebb, Jan 19, 2:56am
As of next week, mr 2.5 has to go on a wheat free diet.its going to be at least 4-6 weeks before i get in to see a dietician can anyone help me with recipes and other websites i can visit
i have already been to the mfd website

tjman, Jan 19, 2:58am
wheat free pasta, rice breads you can get from new world.And a lot of time reading the labels.good luck

malcovy, Jan 19, 3:14am
The low carb sites would be perfect for you to look at.It is very surprising when reading labels what foods wheat is in too.

davidt4, Jan 19, 3:54am
Keep to natural unprocessed foods like meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cheese, butter and olive oil.Then you won't have to worry about reading labels.So many processed foods contain wheat or wheat by-products that it's easiest to completely avoid them.

Replica foods like wheat-free pasta and bread are never as good as the real thing, so I don't bother with them.

As far as grains and seeds go, white rice is regarded as the safest option for people with grain intolerances.

tebb, Jan 24, 4:50am
thanks guys.sorry for such a late reply but have just gotten back from holiday

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