Freezing fresh chillies

fiddles3, Apr 2, 4:11am
Can someone tell me how to, please?

samsnan, Apr 2, 4:33am
Chop them up and pop them in. They wont come out like fresh but certainly good for cooking.

jag5, Apr 2, 4:59am
I find drying works best for me. I do them in my dehydrator. For freezing, you could also try some whole... . pop them in a snaplock bag.

fisher, Apr 2, 10:16am
what jag5 said... . :} drying intensifies the heat/flavour. . but I always freeze a heap whole as well for those winter months...

spongeypud, Apr 2, 8:59pm
I just put them in a container as is, and freeze them whole.

donnabeth, Apr 3, 10:13pm
I am so proud of my chilli plant. I have the abundant crop of two green chillies! My capsicum is better though, I have 3 of them. I'm new to tunnel house growing and apparently chillies and peppers don't do so well way down south.

twindizzy, Apr 3, 10:17pm
Have about 20+ cayenne's on the plant but no luck with habanero flowers turning into chillies- any ideas?

p.taylor1, Apr 4, 1:01am
Will they keep if i bung them in a jar with oil and keep in fridge?

twindizzy, Apr 4, 1:03am
You could put them in a brine or pickle them and they will be fine in the fridge

taurus2005, Apr 4, 1:59am
Just wash the chillies, stalk and all andthrow in a freezer bag and freeze. Easy

3_cent_coin, Dec 31, 1:12am
i just sit them let them drythen put in jar and use as needed

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