sharleenlynch1, Apr 1, 8:29pm
Hi there, does anyone have a great white chocolate cheesecake receipe?

r123l, Apr 1, 9:21pm
search on the side for cheesecakes there are heaps

campmum, Apr 1, 9:48pm
found this
white chocolate cheesecake
~~~~~~~~~~~Just wanted to share this divine recipe~~~~~~~~ White Chocolate Cheesecake BASE 100g Melted Butter 1 packet Wine biscuits, Crushed FILLING 500g cream cheese 1 tsp vanilla essence 1/2 c castor sugar 150g white chocolate 1/2 c Thickened cream Chopped or grate chocolate for decoration Mix together melted butter and biscuits. Press into spring form tin In a food processor, beat together the cream cheese, vanilla essence and castor sugar until light and fluffy Melt chocolate in microwave slowly (30 second bursts with stirring in between) Fold thickened cream and chocolate mixture into cream cheese mix Pour over base and refrigerate at least 2 hours

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guest, Jan 11, 1:09pm
What's it take to become a sublime expenudor of prose like yourself?

guest, Jan 13, 5:39pm
As I am seriously lkincag in virtues of any good sort, I shall allow patience to rule the day and wait for those bars, but dang, girl. Didja hafta MENTION them?? I saw a couple of birds lately that made me think of you and your photography. You capture them so well. I can almost smell the air at your place! I am jealous. And hungry.Dangit again.

guest, Jan 14, 11:13am
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