Yoghurt instead of buttermilk in scones

seaspray1, Jan 10, 11:56pm
I usually add a good slop of buttermilk but don't have any.What about a good slop of yoghurt instead!Can't do any harm.Maybe a flavour difference!Perhaps I'll just do it and report back.

cgvl, Jan 11, 12:00am
you could try or use milk with a tsp of lemon juice or vinegar added.

nauru, Jan 11, 12:07am
I usually do as cgvl suggestedI have also used 1 tabls yoghurt with a little milk to thin down and the result was good too.

seaspray1, Jan 11, 4:25am
They were delicious.1/2 cup yoghurt and one cup milk.Light and fluffy.I guess cultured milk is cultured milk whether it is buttermilk or yoghurt.

flower-child01, Jan 12, 10:00am
My recipe for yoghurt scones http://brama-sole.co.nz/recipes/yoghurt-scones also has addition scone versions, blueberry is delish, and apricot is devine.

edenrose, Jan 12, 12:39pm
Sour milk works well too, also for pancakes etc.Goods work out really light and fluffy.Leftover milk now used up in this way.

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