My jam didn't set :(

puggy13, Apr 1, 8:10am
bugger it

korbo, Apr 1, 8:18am
what sort. did you use the special jam sugar ? ? daughter made some strawberry using the jam sugar and it all went mouldy... any ideas why

bellyatobhs, Apr 1, 8:25am
wasnt sealed properly?

lanceandkathrin, Apr 1, 8:43am
just reboil it for another five minutes or so and add a little more sugar and the juice of a lemon... It should set then... Had the same happen to a big batch of strawberry jam I made a little while ago.

... and if all fails, just puree the lot and freeze in portions as a sauce on top ice cream, etc.

puggy13, Apr 1, 8:59am
My mother in laws didnt set either. The plums were quite juicy. We were going with the ice-cream topping idea too! ! ! Was just disappointing as there is quite a bit. Do you have to reboil it straight away or is a few days after still good?

shazza34, Apr 1, 9:40am
Ypu can reboil it a few days later and if you buy some jam set from the supermarket it tells you on the packet what to do with unset jam.
This happened to my mum recently and we have been eating the jam she reboiled a few days later and added jamset and it tastes fine.

puggy13, Apr 1, 10:05am
sweet! Ill give it a go this weekend! ! Its my first season of jam making, my first batch was perfect but this one was not as good ;)

cgvl, Dec 24, 1:09pm
a hint if your fruit was all ripe then it doesn't have enough pectin in it tohelp set it.
I always make sure I either have a similar amount of semi ripe fruit to full ripe or add 1 stalk finely chopped rhubarb to the fruit when initially boiling, this adds the necessary pectin.
The rhubarb doesn't come through in taste, just helps to set the jam better and much quicker. Nearly ended up with strawberry toffee a few weeks ago when I did this, but its the only jam I have managed to get to set nicely, so now I will be adding just the 1 stalk to all my jams and jellies.

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