Buying a slow cooker

gracie3, Jan 7, 4:15am
A 3L, just can't decide between the Cascade at the Warehouse which is round or the Home Brand from K Mart which is oval.I can't afford anything dearer than those two.Which would be best!Thanks.

rainrain1, Jan 7, 4:21am
i find oval is the best shape as you can fit a large chicken, mutton hocks, etc etc

duckmoon, Jan 7, 4:34am
Oval, so you can cook a chicken

free-h-oldies, Jan 7, 4:39am
I have got both, round and oval, I would say buy an oval one as you can fit meat/chicken in it better.I was restricted with my round one which I bought first

gracie3, Jan 7, 5:22am
OK, thanks.:)

fifie, Jan 7, 5:25am
Go oval shape, holds a leg of meat if you ever decide to cook one, Good luck, happy cooking, they are wonderful machines.

gracie3, Jan 8, 3:37am
I decided to keep looking after seeing bad reviews for both of them.

crazy126, Jan 8, 3:43am
Im a fan of the oval ones myself.

fifie, Jan 8, 4:12am
Save your pennies and watch briscoes they usually have good buys at some stage, brands well i really don't know i have a crockpot 25 yrs old and love it also have anewer slow cooker russell hobbs brand which is hotter but its good for silverside, roasts soups etc don't like that as much for some things. Go to your library read consumer mag report for the best one they tested,that might help.

picxie, Jan 8, 7:27am
We have one from Briscoes, Zip brand. Love having a slowcooker, it usually get's used several times a week! Like fifie said, just watch out for Briscoes sales, don't buy one full price. They come up on special all the time!

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