Substituting oil for butter in cupcake recipes

andree3, Jan 5, 6:28am
hi i have made a fairly standard cupcake recipe (eggs, sugar, butter, sr flour, milk) but it was kind of heavy. has anyone used oil instead of butter in a recipe that called for butter and if so did you just use the same volume ie 120g butter=120 mL oil! i'm using a rich icing so want to keep the cupcake plain. any advice welcome!

lennyb1, Jan 5, 8:06am
I don't see why not, substituting 1:1.I've had it work just fine with brownies and cakes, cupcakes should be fine as well.

sarahb5, Jan 5, 8:41am
Alternatively try Nigella Lawson's cupcake recipe - definitely not a heavy mix but you need to cream the butter and sugar until they are really, really pale

andree3, Jan 5, 8:51am
Thanks for the replies . Have just spotted nigella's recipe in another thread and think I'll give that a go. Cheers

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