Savoury baking ideas

hannahsmummy07, Mar 31, 10:36pm
I love baking and always make biscuits, muffins, scones, slices and cakes mainly to go in the kids lunch boxes but everything i make is sweet. I need some savoury ideas, all ive got at the moment is mini quiches. . ideas pls =)

cookessentials, Mar 31, 10:39pm
sausage rolls, savoury pinwheels, savoury scones, savoury muffins, frankfurters wrapped in puff pastry... ... ...

angie461, Dec 21, 5:40pm
Filled bread cases, home made pizza, cheese rlls, savoury bread rolls, frittatta, bacon and egg pie, pasties, rissotto cakes, vegemite scrolls, you can fill rolled pastry with a mashed potato mix and roll up and bake.

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