Breville Fast Slow cooker

andrew499, Jan 1, 7:17pm
Hi all.
I'm thinking of purchasing one of these, and I know people have come on here talking about them.For any of you that own one of these appliances, are you still happy with it!is the slow cooker function as good as a regular slow cooker or crockpot!Any feedback would be much appreciated.

pheebs1, Jan 1, 10:24pm
love my breville slowcooker
made rice pud in it last night mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

jan2242, Jan 1, 10:30pm
I just love mine too.

andrew499, Jan 1, 10:34pm
Thanks for the comments, all looking positive so far.

dbab, Jan 1, 10:43pm
I love mine. The slow cooker function seems to work much better than my old slow cooker ever did. The pressure cooker function is awesome too(although I have never had a pressure cooker before, I am using it more in the colder months).

lindylambchops1, Jan 2, 12:19am
Love mine but sadly mine is in the garage in a box marked 'kitchen' as we are presently living in a rental property until we build soon.It is very very useful & I really miss it.

andrew499, Jan 3, 4:24am
Thanks for the feedback on this thread, it's really appreciated.I have a Tefal pressure cooker at present along with a slow cooker or thinking if I got the Breville, I could dispense with some or all of the existing appliances.

nauru, Jan 3, 7:17am
Does the Breville model have the pressure cooker function!I have a 43 year old prestige Pressure Cooker but find trying to get replacementgaskets for it almost impossible in NZ.

dbab, Jan 3, 8:54pm
Yep, it's called a Breville Fast and Slow Cooker. I love the fact that it has a Saute option, which means you can brown or partially cook things first. You can also thicken the liquid easily after cooking.
Google it, you'll find lots of info.

falcon-hell, Jan 4, 1:42am
i have one,but i haven't used it yet.

andrew499, Jan 4, 5:20am
Well, I've taken the first step.I've bought the cooker. Lol!i've even pressure cooked some water in it to make sure it's working as it's a factory seconds.all's well so far, now just got to put it through its paces.

squeakygirl, Apr 2, 5:58am
I'm using mine more and more. It's one the best things in my kitchen - along with the food processor and microwave!

andrew499, Apr 2, 8:50pm
So far, I've pressure cooked a piece of corned silverside in it.Turned out beautifully.Other things have been going on here, so the pressure cooker has been put somewhat on the back burner recently.However, it will definitely get more use now that things are easing.

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