Strawberry Yoghurt muffins/cake ideas?????

julieo, Mar 31, 5:10am
Doesanyone have a recipe for either, as I have yoghurt I need to use - any ideas - or anything else I could use the yoghurt in... . don;t want to throw it away


julieo, Mar 31, 5:13am
Help... . anyone? ? ?

alebix, Mar 31, 5:23am
You could use it in many of the cakes/muffins that use yoghurt in them OR freeze it to make really yummy ice blocks... ., Dec 20, 8:51pm
2c flour
1c sugar
1tbsp b/powder
1tsp b/soda
1/4 c oil
1 pot yoghurt (150-200ml)
1 egg
1c fruit
Mix dry together and mix in fruit. Blend yoghurt, egg & oil. Add youghurt mix to dry and combine. Cook 200c for 15 min.
With strawberry I would use either chopped peaches or diced apple. It's a nice quick easy receipe with infinite flavour combinations.

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