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anjaok, Dec 29, 1:42am
can anyone recommend me a good butter!

davidt4, Dec 29, 1:57am
Mainland (in the gold-coloured foil), Lurpak.

dbab, Dec 29, 2:15am
for Mainland. It doesn't go hard like concrete in the fridge as so many others, that are full of water, tend to do.

tjman, Dec 29, 2:25am

uli, Dec 29, 4:04am
Just remember that Lurpack is most likely from stabled animals being fed all sorts of stuff - while NZ butter is still from "mainly" outdoors and grass fed animals. Although that is changing now too.

craig04, Dec 29, 4:07am
Mainland butter does have water added BTW - I can tell you this because I'm looking at a pack right now! I actually have 3 packs of butter in my fridge right now and I can tell you that Mainland and Homebrand butters both list water in their ingredients but Anchor just says cream/salt

uli, Dec 29, 4:19am
I think they mean the water which is supposedly left over after washing the butter.

In reality though it is milk that is left over in NZ butter, it is never cleaned properly.

When I bake Christstollen I melt 500g of butter - and no matter what NZ brand I use (the organic one I bought is also made by Fonterra and is the same bad quality) - there is a good cm of milk at the bottom of the pot once the leftovers harden up. Very expensive milk at the butter price too!

marymc, Dec 29, 4:30am
My fave :)

craig04, Dec 29, 4:32am
What is Christstollen uli!

elliehen, Dec 29, 4:40am
"Stollen is a traditional German cake, usually eaten during the Christmas season, when called Weihnachtsstollen or Christstollen."

uli, Dec 29, 4:52am
It is a sourdough or yeast cake/loaf with lots of dried fruits and nuts and is traditionally covered in melted butter and icing sugar so it keeps for at least a month and doesn't dry out. That is why I know exactly how much milk is in 500g of butter.

craig04, Dec 29, 4:56am
Yum, That looks amazing! You make the yummiest things uli. Some Dutch friends gave me some oliebollen for Christmas last year - which is more of a pastry I know, but kind of similar with the fruit and icing sugar. Utterly delish

suie1, Dec 29, 5:36am
It still has water added, Taurarua has no water & is best, also Anchor for a close second.

suie1, Dec 29, 5:37am
Yep Taurarua also has no water.

dbab, Dec 29, 6:31am
Oliebollen are a New Year traditional food (I think)

davidt4, Dec 29, 6:53am
The foil protects the butter from tainting and oxidation.

cookessentials, Dec 29, 6:54am
I prefer Tararua.

malcovy, Dec 29, 7:14am
Has anyone else noticed how much alike Budget and Mainland are.

uli, Dec 29, 8:06am
Go and melt a 500g packet and tell me how many mls of milk sits at the bottom of your pot once you have cooled it down. There was no difference last year when I bought 5 different "brands" - they all had a huge amount of milk left after melting.

I could go and find my notes - but why bother! Believe what you like (you do not believe what I say anyway) - or believe what the the packaging says - rather than figure it out yourselves LOL :)

cookessentials, Dec 29, 8:40am
I use Tararua which suits me.

kuaka, Dec 29, 8:43am
I use whatever is on special and it doesn't bother me, but I don't like Lurpak, it's very pale and anaemic looking.

eastie3, Dec 29, 8:46am
I love the taste of Lurpak.

elliehen, Dec 29, 8:50am
Last time I looked Lurpak cost over seven dollars and, given a choice, I'd stay with New Zealand dairy produce.

anjaok, Dec 29, 8:57am
have you had this problem with lurpak!

the only reason i choose mainland is that they make an unsalted variety - i'm not sure other nz brands do! i find it very surprising that so many nz baking recipes use salted butter!

if anyone can find it, i recommend karikaas butter. it's cultured and tastes so good you can eat it on it's own!

fendi3, Dec 29, 9:02am
Karikaas butter available at Moore Wilsons Wellington is so good

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