Jelly- has anyone got any yummy recpes using jelly

bluecat1529, Dec 22, 6:32am
I know there is one that uses condensed milk or something but would like to hear some others- or any other ides for something a little different

margyr, Dec 22, 7:03am
a few years ago at a bbq there was a jelly dish, orange jelly made with mint sauce and it had pineapple and red onion in it, as weird as it sounds it was actually quite nice.

rosiemoodle, Dec 22, 7:56am
Last Year I made a beetroot jelly that was yummy but it was a hot day and it started to melt as we had a BBQ

bunny51, Dec 22, 8:17am
put a tin of evaporated milk into the freezer. MIx jelly with 1 cup of boiling water and leave till cold and has the consistency of egg white. Mix with evaporated milk and beat well until doubled in size. Pour into serving bowls and leave in fridge till set.

(My grandmother used to make this a lot with lime jelly and served in the blue bowls which she gave to me)

bunny51, Dec 22, 8:18am
Also have made merringues using a jelly sachet and biscuits using a sachet of jelly also.

bluecat1529, Dec 22, 9:17am
Do you freeze the evaporated milk or does it just need to be reaally cold Bunny!

auntlb, Dec 22, 9:23am
It just has to be cold!We used to get served "Dragons Blood" for dessert sometimes - raspberry jelly mixed in to the evaporated milk - yummy!

hezwez, Dec 22, 9:25am
LOL you've reminded me of the "pus tubes" we served for a small boy's birthday party.he liked to be grossed out. brandy snaps with green whipped cream.

rainrain1, Dec 22, 9:44am
reminds me my teens would call yo yo biscuits hand grenades, so we still do

hezwez, Dec 22, 9:53am
Ha haI'm sure we've all invented names to make food more enticing. My adult kids remind me of something I called "Hop-Along Cassidy" and I couldn't now recall its original name.

worrit, Dec 23, 3:15am
Cathedral jelly.
2 or 3 different coloured jellies set and cut into chunks.
1 375 can creamy evaporated milk.
1 can reduced or thickened cream.1/2 to 3/4 cup caster sugar.
2 tablesps gelatin.
1 cup boiling water.
Mix gelatin and boiling water and stir till dissolved. Cool.
Mix milk and cream, add sugar and stir till dissolved.
Stir in gelatin.
Place chunks of jelly into a ring or mould and pour the cream mix over the jelly and allow toset.
We had this at a recent party.Delicious.

dbab, Dec 23, 7:04am
I beat 1/2 a 300ml bottle of cream. Beat in an almost set strawberry jelly and mashed strawberries. Leave to set in fridge.

jag5, Dec 23, 8:41am
Orange boats.make up a bowl of orange jelly, using some juice from fresh oranges in it too.Makea firm mix.

Cut oranges in half.scoop out the flesh (use the juice from these in the jelly)get them sitting firmly on a plate or board.Fill the halves with orange to the top.When set, cut in half again (quarters).make a sail with a triangle of paper and a love them.did them often for my kids birthday parties.

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