Burnt sugar sream pudding recipe needed please

rufa1, Dec 19, 10:38pm
Hi TM cooks.My friends mum used to make this with no eggs using the old big fruit salad tins as well as putting it in the hangi & it was delicious & sooo moist.Sadly she has passed away & at the time I didnt take notice how she made it.Would appreciate some recipes please.Thank you

rufa1, Dec 19, 10:39pm

rufa1, Dec 19, 10:47pm
Found one !
Got this recipe from Maori TV channel Kai Time On The Road use it all the time : Steamed Pudding . 6 cups self raising flour 6 cups milk 3/4 cups caster sugar 250grams butter 1/4 tin golden syrup 5tsps baking soda.
In a saucepan add the butter, sugar and golden syrup. Heat till butter melts and sugar dissolves with the golden syrup. Let it simmer for a bit until the mix browns not too long though or it will burn. Add the milk, save some to dissolve the baking soda. Add self raising flour mix well to remove the lumps. Add the m,ilk and baking soda and stir in the pudding mix . Pour mixture into a 10 inch tin lined with a bread bag, I used a oven bag works fine. loosely tie the top allowing enough room for it to rise. Steam 1 1/2 to 2 hours been cooked in a hangi and steamed in large pot.


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petal1955, Dec 20, 8:58am
Burnt Sugar Pudding

3 cups plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
¼ cup sugar
125grms butter
Burnt Sugar
1 ½ cups sultanas
¼ cup milk
Put the flour, baking powder, baking soda and sugar in a bowl and mix together.Rub the butter into dry ingredients to make a fine crumbly mixture.Add burnt sugar, add the milk and sultanas and mix to a dropping consistency.
Dampen a clean cotton cloth (calico is good. boil the cloth first then dry and can be used again) and lie over a medium sized bowl.Dust the centre of the cloth lightly with flour.Pour mixture into the floured cloth and pull all sides of the cloth together, making sure the pudding is nicely centred.Tie the cloth with string making sure that it will be absolutely WATER TIGHT !
Gently place the pudding into a large pot of boiling water and boil for 2 ½ hours.

Never let the water go off the boil, keep checking water level in the pot as the water evaporates during the cooking process.Refill the pot, with boiling water as required, adding it slowly to keep pot topped up.If water stops boiling the pudding will come out stodgy.
When cooked carefully remove the pudding from the pot and gently place on a plate or the bench.Cut or untie string and peel the cloth from the pudding.Allow to cool then cut into slice and serve with custard and cream.

To make the burnt sugar.
Place 1 cup of sugar into an old pot and cook slowly until sugar is dark brown.(This is best done outside on the BBQ and you don’t smoke out your kitchen and set off the smoke alarms !)

Cool the sugar slightly and SLOWLY add 1 cup of water for thehot mixture doesn’t spit and burn.Stir well.

punkinthefirst, Dec 20, 11:32am
OK Rufa.
Do you have access to a recipe for that lovely steamed fruit pudding the Marae cooks make in the A10 fruit tins! It is delicious, but I've never persuaded anybody to part with the recipe. Seems to be a closely guarded secret!

teanz_from_whang, May 12, 11:58pm
would love to get the old steamed pudding recipe aswell done in boiling water in a large fruit salad tin aswell with burnt sugar my aunty posie made it for ratana church in kamo,uncle mau but he and she died also and my mum would love to make it again..pleeeeeeeeeez.

penz, Mar 7, 1:20am
I want the pudding that you bake,looks like a big choc cake it is beautiful was told there was a lot of jam put into it but saw it when it came out of the oven.....

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