Butter in strawberry jam!

bjkiwi, Dec 10, 8:04am
Do you add it just at the last minute and stir it though or a bit before to ensure itincorporates properly! TIA

elliehen, Dec 10, 8:08am
Yes, stir it through quickly after you take it off the stove.It subdues all the frothy scum and makes it disappear.

bjkiwi, Dec 10, 8:25am
Thanks for that. Our local dairy had strawberries for 50 cents a punnet today! For $15 I got 7kgs of usable fruit - just jarring the last of it now and thought i give the butter thing a go. Do you know if you can do the same in jelly or is it noticeable!

bjkiwi, Dec 10, 8:57am
Butter worked a treat, it looks much nicer - thanks

jag5, Dec 10, 9:01am
I do it in jelly as well.

cgvl, Dec 10, 9:05am
yes you can in both jelly and jam. but add right at the end. Saves having to skim all the scum off, which is tedious. Remember if you give it away to check person not dairy intolerant.
My Gmother taught me that trick also showed me once how to tell if jam was at setting stage by how quickly it runs from spoon . I have yet to accomplish that little trick.

lythande1, Dec 10, 6:53pm
Butter! Ick. I made mine with a bit of lemon juice and no other ingredients apart form the fruit and sugar.

cgvl - tip a bit ofit on a plate, let it cool a bit and tip - if it runs, it's not set, if it doesn't - it is.

cgvl, Dec 10, 8:14pm
lythande1 the butter is to remove the scum that forms when boiling , I also use lemon juice for setting purposes. It's just a knob, about the size of a walnut, piece of butter (needs to be butter not marg).
yes I do use the plate test but the other method is also good when you don't have room in freezer or fridge for rapid cooling test.

pickles7, Dec 10, 8:32pm
jam testing

sugar thermometer test for jam.
Boil until 111 C or 222 f. put jam into hot jars, put the lids on while hot.

****** test for pectin
1 tsp of juice, 3 tsp of methylated spirits. shake gently leave 1 minute, . The juice will clot firmly if there is enough pectin. If it doesn't it may pay to add some.

King.jam setting.mix.pectin base.Handy to have in your pantry.

elliehen, Dec 10, 9:46pm
As cgvl says, it's a just a tiny amount for the pot and the sole purpose is to deal to the froth.You couldn't possibly taste it.

Of course, you can skim off the froth if you are so inclined or simply leave the "beaded bubbles winking at the brim";)

lythande1, Dec 10, 10:21pm
What's wrong with a spoon - it's what I did, no foam in the jars. I wouldn't want butter flavoured jam.

cgvl, Dec 10, 10:27pm
you cant taste the butter, its only about a tsp in total, over however many pots of jam you make. I usually do at least 1.5 to 3kg of jam at a time and at most I would use 1Tbsp of butter and get enough jam to last 12 months or more.

terraalba, Dec 10, 11:04pm
I use lemon juice and take out the scum as much as possible. I am probably mistaken but I thought the scum contained particles of dirt and other foreign bodies.

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