Kids birthday novelty treats

keysie, Dec 10, 3:01am
Does anyone have any recipes, photos would be good, of these for a 4 year old birthday. Am going to try the marshmallow snowmen.

babel07, Dec 10, 4:15am
We always had 'car' biscuits - sooo easy.Cut bought wafer biscuits in half (the pink ones are best), cut half of these in half again.Use white icing to stick 1/4 biscuit onto one end of half biscuit and pebble/m&m type lollies (if you buy these from bulk bins can colour co-ordinate!) on each corner - to make a little car/truck.Have been enormously popular over the years - sadly my two are too old now .

monkey_room, Dec 10, 4:21am
Chocolate crackles is a perennial favorite and I just made for my step grandson - a batch of 'red velvet' cupcakes which have white chocolate and cream cheese icing and a little jungle animal decoration on top. He loved those! The other oldie but goodie is the skewers withmarshmallows and strawberries alternated on them.

kernal1, Dec 12, 5:46am
Real simply but a hit with little ones! Make a jelly, put in glasses and just prior to setting add small chocolate fish.

elliehen, Dec 12, 5:51am

dotty23, Dec 12, 10:12am
Make any type of biscuit (I prefer either yo-yo or choc chip) & ice some with white icing, some with pink (or whatever).Then cut marshmallows with a hot clean pair of scissors,so you get 3 or 4 flower "petals" from each marshmallow.Push lightly into fresh icing & push an M&M into the middle to make perfect looking flowers!Very easy but very effective.

Also the old fave of the icecream cone windmills. fill ice cream cones with lollies & stick a round biscuit (the ones covered in sprinkles are good) to the bottom with icing to hold the lollies in. Turn upside down & place (with icing) thin slices of wafers in an "X" shape to make a windmill.

And another hit with my kids was baking shortbread biscuits cut out to the shape of the initial of each child at the party.Before baking, push M&M's into the cookie dough.

There's some really good ideas in the Recipes + magazines too.Assume you could look these up on the web!

Lots of fun to be had!Good luck.

kinna54, Dec 12, 10:25am
snails are easy:
Mini choc fish (snail body)
Mini Oreo cookies (snail shell)
pieces of coloured lolly stick or licorice
Place the cookie standing upright on top of the flatmini choc fish, (in the centre, so you have the front of the little fish for head, back is snail tail)
and stick the cookie on with a piece of icing or sugar water.
Pushpieces of licorice or coloured lolly stick into the head for the feelers.

kinna54, Dec 12, 10:26am
Incy Wincy Spiders.
Large prunes or dates
Coloured cake decorating caschous lollies.
Licorice strips.

To assemble:
Make 8 holes around the sides of the prune to
insert legs.
Cut the licorice strips into 8 lengths about 2 grooves of the strap wide. Insert these strips into the holes, and bend to make the legs fold in the middle.
Place 2red caschous for eyes.

kinna54, Dec 12, 10:31am
Cheese and cracker caterpillar.

Cheese ball:
250g cream cheese
1 cup grated cheese
2 TBSPS crushed pineapple
1 TBSP tomato sauce
1 TBSP chopped parsley

Mix together all ingredients, and refrigerate until firm.
To assemble, mould the mixture into several small balls, for the heads, reserving some mixture to spread to assemble the crackers for the body.

To assemble the caterpillars place a ball as the head and spread the crackers, (mini crackers size) join and assemble into the desired caterpillar body shape, adding some spring onion curls or celery pieces for legs (push these into the cream cheese between the crackers.)

keysie, Dec 12, 6:01pm
Thnks all, have nephews birthday coming up and thought something different from fairy bread would be nice. Now just have to decide on a couple.

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