Banana bread and butter pudding

bappy, Dec 1, 12:58am
Last night, I had the most beautiful banana flavoured bread and butter pudding at a restaurant and want to make it myself.Can I just use a standard b&b pudding recipe but adding a layer of sliced bananas or is it something more complicated!

lilyfield, Dec 1, 1:01am
that is exactly what I would do, but maybe add a little banana flavouring to your egg custard as well.

harrislucinda, Dec 1, 1:01am
didyouseebananainthepuddingorjustflavored,oryou couldtrybasicpuddingusingslicedbanana

davidt4, Dec 1, 3:37am
In the past I've made banana bread & butter pudding by layering sliced bananas with the bread.It worked really well.Even better is when you layer some squares of very dark chocolate along with the bananas and bread.

2bakerz, Dec 1, 4:24am
I agree with all the above, and just as an aside, I use my stale banana bread as well.

bappy, Dec 1, 6:09pm
Thank you everyone.Will have a go.

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