Bread and butter pudding

tarshlove, Oct 25, 6:10pm
Whats ur recipe for this! My partners mum puts jam in hers what do you think is the best recipe! Tyia

margyr, Oct 25, 6:38pm
as a child I hated this pudding, but in the last few years when I was cooking for Mum I think it is quite nice, make jam sandwiches, cut into half and layer in dish, mix up a couple of eggs add milk sugar and vanilla essence, pour over sandwiches and let it stand for at least an hour then bake at about 180 till yummy looking. An Aunt used to just use the yolks and then make a meringue for the top I think she called it Queen Pudding.

tarshlove, Oct 25, 6:59pm
Yeah ive never had it befor myself

pheebs1, Oct 25, 7:49pm
i have used leftover french stick and day old brioche or any sweet bun is great too
i sprinkle choc chips on mine before i pour on the egg custard mix
kids hoover it then!

sarahb5, Oct 25, 8:05pm
I prefer marmalade in mine rather than jam but only spread it on every other slice otherwise the flavour of the marmalade takes over.I love it made with brioche or panettone - kids like it made with chocolate chips but I usually do a mix of chocolate chips and raisins.This recipe is pretty close to mine:

kassie48, Oct 25, 8:25pm
Queen pudding with jam & meringue, Bread & Butter with sultanas in, no topping

tarshlove, Oct 25, 11:34pm
Thanks guys I'm going to try one with jam for my partner :)

camper18, Oct 25, 11:50pm
Our favourite is a Savoury Bread Pudding for a Sunday tea or lunch.
8 slices Buttered bread (no crusts) 4 Spring onions,2tbs Parsley,100gms Ham (or bacon) 2 cups Tasty Cheese. Layer all of the above into a buttered dish and pour over 4 Beaten Eggs,1tsp Chicken stock, Pepper & Salt and 2cups Milk. Stand 30 mins then bake 180-190 for 45 mins or until set & golden brown. I like to stand mine in a dish of water while cooking. Can be made in advance and stood covered in the fridge. Its YUMMY.

kitchenqueens, Oct 25, 11:51pm
I like the Nigella version (or did before I had to give up gluten) with the sandwiches made with ginger jam, and the raisins simmered briefly in whiskey before adding them. decadent and delicious.

tarshlove, Oct 26, 1:49am
oh man this sounds really good

gardie, Oct 26, 8:12am
Pretty good made with croissants as well!They are buttery enough without adding more - some apricot jam and some chocolate chips OR spread with nutella instead - delish.

parsondian, Oct 29, 8:21am
I add a handful of dates to mine, and add orange zest, cinnamon quail and vanilla pod to milk and cream mix while heating through.

wheelz, Oct 29, 10:32am
Hmmm cinnamon quails !

cookiebarrel, Oct 29, 12:13pm
I thought that sounded yum as I love cinnamon.Tricky fingers there I think ;-)

carlosjackal, Oct 29, 10:24pm
ooooh! YUM! I'm definitely going to do it this way next time - LOVE the idea of using croissants!

cary14, Nov 9, 9:34am
And sprinkle slivered almonds over the top before baking and they will go crunchy.I always spread the bread with butter and jam.

groomingtools, Nov 10, 1:44am
Hot cross buns , leftover scones.Both with butter and ham or marmalade.Fruit marinaded in booze

suz71, Nov 11, 2:11am
maralade is nice with panatone bread

geldof, Nov 11, 2:13am
On Dine with me last night a guy made one using choc chips and added baileys to the custard.Yum!

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