Light, airy bread recipe please!

huck_it, Nov 24, 9:46am
Ive tried about 5 different recipes, each a few times, and they all turn out terrible. Dense and they don't rise very high (checked the yeast, its fine). Im kneading the dough in a mixer.Tips or recipes!

davidt4, Nov 24, 8:02pm
Here's a recipe for potato bread - it makes two very light moist loaves.With any bread is important that the dough is kneaded properly, and while you can start it off in an electric mixer you really need to finish it by hand.

White Bread with Potato

500g potatoes, steamed and mashed or riced,
1 kg strong white flour,
1 tab dried yeast (not instant),
300 ml warm milk,
300 ml warm water,
2 tsp salt.

Dissolve yeast in liquids and leave to stand while you rub the potato into the flour and salt . Add the yeast liquid, mix to a soft dough and knead for about 10 min until elastic and bouncy.

Put into a large bowl, cover and either leave to rise about 2 hours until doubled in bulk or refrigerate until the next day (it will rise slowly in the fridge).

When you are ready, set oven to 220C, punch down dough and shape in two loaves or 36 rolls, cover and leave to rise about 30 min (or longer if dough was refrigerated). Bake loaves about 45 min, rolls about 20 min until golden brown. Cool completely on rack before cutting. You can use 500g cooked white rice instead of potato.