i've rusted my paella pan :-(

bees939, Mar 28, 1:47am
it's all my fault too... (personal ownership, what a rarity these days! )

any ideas on how i can bring her back to life?

petal1955, Mar 28, 3:29am
Well wash it and try removing some of the rust with a steelo. . then dry throughly and oil well... hopefully that will bring it back as good as new

cookessentials, Mar 28, 4:00am
Very easy to do as above but you WILL have to re-season it. Once you have donne that. NEVER put it away damp and if you are not using it for some time, wrap it in paper and store in a dry place.

bees939, Dec 12, 1:10am
thanks to you both! will give it some love tonight.

i had a very lovely person volunteer to wash up all the dishes and i forgot to follow up on the pan... found it lurking in the back of the cupboard looking sad.