I need to buy a new electric frying pan...

player_smurf, Jan 23, 5:25am
any recommendations? Sick of the teflon ones as the bottoms always peel!

gardie, Jan 23, 5:29am
I've got a fully stainless steel one that even goes in the dishwasher - It is awesome and could possibly be sunbeam.always looks brand new and I've had it about 5 years.

rainrain1, Jan 23, 5:53am
I bought a stainless steel one to replace my teflon pan, because I felt the same as you #player.It sticks so bad I don't like it AT ALL, so I went out and bought a new teflon about a week later, now I have one of each :-)

bunny51, Jan 23, 6:10am
Mine is a stainless steel sunbeam one -sounds a lot like gardie's-about 5 years old, goes in the dishwasher, looks as good as new. it has a glass lid, and gets plenty of use. And I got mine to replace a nonstick pan that was no longer non stick.

margyr, Jan 23, 6:12am
my non stick pan that is no longer non stick has been in the back of the cupboard and then the other day I tried putting baking paper in it and cooking on that, marvellous have my non stick pan back.

rainrain1, Jan 23, 6:15am
I find that you have to soak and wash the stainless steel after each use, whereas the teflon you can simply wipe out with a handee towell if necessary, that's the main reason I don't like the stainless steel.My pan gets a lot of use

bunny51, Jan 23, 8:41am
I do that with my small non-stick fry pan which I mainly use for browning onions and mushrooms.

alebix, Jan 23, 9:38am
My non stick has peeled,chipped off years ago I still use mine and very rarely does anything stick to it. Mine is a sunbeam.

korbo, Jan 23, 7:04pm
k mart have a great range from $39 to $99.

susieq9, Jan 23, 9:26pm
I wish that I still had my old one. Bought a zip and a breville, non stick, and both of them lost heat. Put the temp up to say 180, when it reaches that, the auto comes in (which I know happens), but then it loses so much heat before it comes back on again, so I keep on turning it up. I have always used electric frypans and have never had this happen before. So frustrating.

izaque, Jan 23, 11:17pm
Stainless steel, a little more expensive and a little harder to clean but much better for your health than toxic non-stick coatings

rainrain1, Jan 24, 12:05am
yes mummy

psy-trading, Jan 24, 4:30am
Just wish they would bring back the high lids - prefer to cook roasts in the frypan.

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