Angel food cake pan

glynsmum, Sep 20, 3:12am
help has any cooks got a angelfood cake pan they no longer use be happy to pay up to $40 and frieght to marlborough wanted for special birthday cake surprise Puleese !!!1

cookessentials, Sep 20, 3:38am
I normally have them - we bring them in from the USA, but i am out of stock at present, sorry.

georgie36, Sep 20, 7:56am
I brought mine from ballantynes in Timaru was $34, I am sure if you rung chch they would freight you up one. Good luck I used mine on saturday to make angel cake and was so yummy.
Brand was D-Line if any help when phoning.

elliehen, Sep 20, 8:32am
I gave mine away to a charity shop.Why not use a large ring tin and invert it over the neck of a wine bottle to raise it?

glynsmum, Sep 20, 9:54pm
Thanks everyone elliehen I have a ring tin but no holein the stcky up bit but georgie I'll ring ballantynes todaythanks so much,I have been given decadent choc ousse cake reciepewant to make for friends birthday I'll let you know outcome

cookessentials, Sep 20, 10:21pm
Yeah can get the Dline which are prettylightweight,but it may do the trick. We found the heavy weight ones from the USA wre not much more than the wholesale price of the heavier weight ones here which is why we bring them in as opposed to buying the heavy ones from NZ.

glynsmum, Sep 21, 3:57am
Georgie Ballantynes came through rang me and are freighting one up to me, thats what I call great service fingers crossed it(the cake0 comes out as well Thanks all

georgie36, Sep 21, 5:10am
Good luck and good old ballantynes!

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