Slow cooker - which has Consumer recommendation!

bella430, Nov 16, 11:14am
Anyone have a Consumer issue on their testing of slow cookers! I would like to know which was best.

skye7, Nov 16, 8:45pm
The best purchase we made this year was the Breville fast/slow cooker. I will also be interested to know what the consumer recommendation is.

bella430, Nov 17, 8:42am
Bump.Try again.

elliehen, Nov 17, 8:51am
Limited amount of info here, but you can buy the report for $5.00 and have access to it for seven days.!gclid=CNifjvmkvawCFYUfpAodpmt3pg

bella430, Nov 18, 11:11am
elliehen. thanks - I did that and now have the answers I want!

lyl_guy, Nov 18, 7:41pm
Which ones came out the best!

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