Pikelets question

sampa, Nov 5, 3:49am
My pikelets always end up tasting fine but the colour is normally far too dark on the outside.Any tricks, hints, tips, for better colour for future batches!Thanks.

elliehen, Nov 5, 3:57am
Dark colour usually means the element heat is too high.Try cooking them at a lower temperature.Pikelets don't seem to mind being cooked slowly.Flip over as soon as the air bubbles pop.

marcs, Nov 5, 3:57am
Your heat could be too high. Lower you heat and make sure your pan is not too hot.

jills3, Nov 5, 3:58am
I cook pikelets in electric frypan,whatever you use I would say,have pan hot and when you put the mixture into pan turn it down and flip them often.

geldof, Nov 5, 4:07am
Hi Sampa!

My pikelets are sometimes dark, but the recipe I have uses golden syrup.
I'd say turn down the heat too.

sampa, Nov 5, 4:14am
Hi geldof!Thanks to everyone for replying, I did wonder about the heat, I'll try on a lower heat next time thanks.I'm more used to making crepes I think and must have mucked up re the temperature.

nzl99, Nov 5, 4:27am
Man, I make lots of pancakes and pikelets over the course of a typical day and I would suggest. turn your pan on (electric, element. gas heats/cools quicker in my opinion) low heat with oil in it and leave to heat for about five mins. keep it at a low heat.Give the pan time to reheat between batches. Re-oil if needed.And the first pikelets of any batch are "testers" anyway. ;-)It's OK they are perfect. the batter needs to be tasted.

elliehen, Nov 5, 5:32am
jills3.just for clarification.you say flip them 'often'.Did you mean flip them 'over'!I turn the pikelet once only, that is after the air bubbles have popped.

donna_jo29, Nov 5, 7:51am
2 tbsp sugar, 3/4 c flour, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1tsp cream of Tartar, 1/2 c milk, 1 egg, pinch of salt. whisk sugar, milk and egg. add sifted ingre. beat. i use oil. on medium. on each turn. and new batch im fussy with my piklets, and i use to just eat the ones at mcdonalds.

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