Can you make pikelets on a sandwich press?

denzie, Jul 29, 8:42pm
Can anyone tell me please if you can make pikelets on the bottom plate of a sandwich press? My 40 year old very large Zip electric frypan with aluminium type base died a few months ago and I am looking for something smaller to replace it. Any ideas for a small appliance that will make great pikelets.Thanks

kaddiew, Jul 29, 8:55pm
It might work, but you won't have any control over temperature. I just use any of my non stick frypans, which turn out excellent fluffy pikelets.

valentino, Jul 29, 10:03pm
Hmmm, looks as though you have been around and would know a few things.

Simply a non stick frypan are great, try it, ideal also for pancakes, very easy and simple and cost saving.


dbab, Jul 29, 10:13pm
I've made them on my sandwich press. They were as good as any others, but took a little longer to cook. You couldn't make as many at a time either.

valentino, Jul 29, 10:21pm
Oh, Find that the rounded part from base to side of a non-stick frypan is great when serving pikelets or pancakes, omelettes etc by just allowing them to slide from pan to plate, a lot quicker and heat is kept a bit longer.


summersunnz, Jul 30, 11:57am

It's great for making savoury pikelets too - add grated cheese, finely chopped onion, parsley, bacon, whatever you prefer and make as usual. You can use some baking paper between the sandwich press and the pikelets. Easy clean up!

lynja, Jul 30, 6:58pm
I got given a pancake maker appliance and didnt use it until I realised I could make my pikelets on it. Fantastc. Not too big to store and they are cheap to buy if you wait until they are on special or use your fly buys. (it does work well for pancakes too I discovered. It does have temperature controls too.
Mine is a Breville.

denzie, Jan 30, 2:05am
Many thanks for the ideas re the pikelet making. I am planning to try the sandwich press as I have managed to borrow one for a few days. I will also try the nonstick frypan. Good idea. The ones I made on the cast iron fry pan weren't that flash! I will also look out the pancake making machine and give that a go. Many thanks to you all for the suggestions. I have missed making pikelets for family and friends

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