Pikelets ~ advice / recipe pls

kiwitel, Jul 21, 6:35pm
Hi ~ my pikelets always turn out thin are not big and fluffy like I would love them to be.
My recipe must be too thin and so the batter runs.
Does anyone have a recipe so I can make really yummy, larger pikelets and any tips would be appreciated. I checked the search area but not much there.Many thanks as I love pikelets.

gardie, Jul 21, 6:39pm
Fluffy Pikelets:I have the best success with this recipe every time.

1 cup flour
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp baking soda
pinch salt
2 tbsp sugar
1 egg
3/4 c milk

Sift dry ingredients, add sugar, egg and milkMix well and cook dessertspoonfuls in a grease pan on medium heat.Tip the mix off the end of the spoon (rather than the side) for rounder pikelets.Turn when bubbles form on first side.

kiwitel, Jul 21, 8:37pm
Perfect pikelets for breakfast. Thank you gardie.

cookessentials, Jul 21, 11:55pm
That is my recipe, but you have missed one ingredient. 1 tbsp of melted butter goes in to the batter once it is mixed. You beat the egg and sugar with a fork and add to dry ingredients ( except the soda) then lastly add the milk which has the soda dissolved in it. You may need to add a little more milk if the consistency is too thick.P.S.Use caster sugar, it dissolves far more easily

cookessentials, Jul 21, 11:56pm
This is my full recipe under my brianmac username.
Hi try this one from brianmac; i have just made them they are fantastic.

PIKELETS This wonderful recipe has been around since the 60's (or earlier) when my Mum used to make these. I remember her using the solid element on the stove top and using greaseproof paper and butter to grease the hotplate(can almost smell them now!) 2 eggs;3 tbsp caster sugar;1 1/2 cups plain flour;2 tsp cream of tartar;1 tsp of soda;1/2 teacup of milk (I use more as the mixture is quite thick) salt;1 tbsp melted butter. Sift flour and cream of tartar. Beat eggs and sugar well,then work in flour,adding milk in which b soda has been dissolved. lastly, add melted butter.TIP: pour mixture off the end of your spoon to get nice round pikelets.

harrislucinda, Jul 21, 11:57pm
i thinkthesearemadebetterwithcreamoftartarandbaking sodaratherthanbakingpowderso ido thisrecipe

flo16, Jul 22, 12:21am
I have an extremely old recipe book,pikelet recipe given as gardies one above says1 tsp melted butter may be added,book is at a guess more than 60 years old,a family treasure,just shows that recipes do get recycled even if we do want to claim them as our own

elsielaurie1, Jul 22, 12:51am
.and once you've got the mixture to the right constency.don't stir it again. Just take a spoonful of mix, on a dessertspoon, let is drop off the 'pointy' end. Just don't be temped to restir.

kiwitel, Jul 22, 1:13am
Thank you. I actually did add butter as I thought it needed to be in there. I will try the other recipe too. Much appreciated.

ayglepaygle, Jul 22, 1:31am
Great recipe.This is the same as my pikelet recipe which I got from an old Aunt Daisy recipe book many years ago.Yum!

kara101, Jul 22, 2:45am
You are making the mixture too thin, by adding too much milk, cut down the milk until the mixture is goopy and thick.Your pikelets will come out a lot better.I find the recipie in Edmonds cookbook has too much milk and so dont put as much in it.Took me years to work this trick out and now my pikelets are yumboooooo!Thick and fluffy.

rosiemoodle, Jul 22, 3:07am
my nanna used to let her sit for 20 mins before cooking and dont stir the mixture after

maynard9, Jul 22, 3:33am
My hint is to make the mixture up the night before, store in fridge and make next day without stirring again.

cookessentials, Jul 22, 5:48am
which is why it pays to read post #5

pickles7, Jul 22, 7:01am
I made some for my grandson today out of my head.
My pikelet recipe, I crafted myself.

Beat with a whisk;
2 eggs
1/3 cup sugar, until light and fluffy
1 & 1/3 cups of milk,
25 grams of butter melted.don't stir yet
add sifted
2 cups of flour
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp baking soda.

Stir to mix, beat with the whisk.
Cooked as Above. post 8. yes, don't re mix.
All the years I have used twice as much raising agents, what a waste. They were perfect. just perfect.

kiwitel, Jul 22, 7:29am
I never realised how important it is not to stir too much. Now I know . Thanks.

flo16, Jul 22, 8:00am
Yes did read all the posts and made a comment because the recipe comes from a book long before the sixties when I started using it both my Mother and Grandmother had used it before me.My intented point was as mentioned the recycling of lots of recipes that have appeared in the recipes thread

korbo, Jul 22, 8:20am
gardie, h ow are you.
made those same piklets this morning, with the addition of 1 teaspoon of malt vinegar. dont ask me why, but the muminlaw always does, and hers are great. mine were great, if a little brown on some tho.always hard to get the oven ring right temp.
a year since the bumpy waves huh.

cookessentials, Jul 22, 9:43am
"This wonderful recipe has been around since the 60's (or earlier)" Thats the great thing about recipes, they are constantly recycled, re-jigged and re-invented as well as new ones being devised.

wheelz, Jul 22, 11:00pm
using buttermilk instead of milk, makes them even lighter !

And kids can't resist chocolate pikelets too !

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