Russian Fudge

hezwez, Sep 19, 7:30am
Bump for #15, the best fudge ever.

craftylady1, Nov 2, 12:54am
is easy to make.but leave that baby alone on the stove, and not stirring constantly, and it catches and burns. The lot I just made is perfect, but boy, my hand is sore from 30 min of stirring!

chatsmom, Nov 2, 2:54am
That's why I make 1/2 batches now!

lyn1001, Nov 2, 3:05am
he he! just signed on to find a good recipe for fudge. Now I know to stir it, but not what to put into it.Help please.

crystalmoon, Nov 2, 3:09am
Ive heard microwave russian fudge takes out the stirring but havnt tried it myself.MMmmmm I want some russian fudge now,lolz.darn i couldnt resist looking in this thread,might have to try the micro recipe and let you's know:)

craftylady1, Nov 2, 3:20am
I have an excellent RF recipe:

3 cups sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 can sweetened cond milk
125 g butter
2tbsp golden syrup
1tsp van ess
Pinch salt

Grease a 20cm sq cake tin.Place all in a saucepan and bring to the boil, stir continously, til all has melted together

Simer hard for 20 mins.STIRRING all the time!

Remove from heat and pour into prpared tin. When set, cut into squares.

NB: I used green top, low fat milk, but that doesnt make an excuse to keep eating

craftylady1, Nov 2, 3:22am
Also had an excellent run of coconut ice from the Edmonds cook book this morning

rainrain1, Nov 2, 4:42am
If you can get your element turned down very low, so that it is just boiling very gently, there is no need to stir for the whole time after it comes to the boil, stir till boiling and occasionally after that.Use a heavy based saucepan.

craftylady1, Nov 2, 5:01am
I have a thermo flat top.and even at its lowest it is still too hot to not stir

duckmoon, Nov 2, 6:05am
I dont need to stir my constantly. Regularly certainly, but not constantly

duckmoon, Nov 2, 6:06am
Since your element doesn't go low enough,have you thought about coconut ice. Doesn't need stirring

rainrain1, Nov 2, 6:13am
yes I have one as well but can still regulate the heat

craftylady1, Nov 2, 7:51am
Made 2 lots of that today.and choc crackles with silver or pink cahsews on them, and lolly cake with pink lollies. taking it all to akl tomorrow for my DIL babyshower (Its a girl WhooHoo!)

molly37, Nov 5, 7:34am
After reading this thread i just had to make some. Hence I now have a sore tongue from eating too much! Very easy and I didnt need to worry it wouldnt set, it was perfect. Am going to make it again closer to xmas, wrap it in small cellophane parcels with xmas ribbon for wee gifts.

whiskey13, Nov 5, 8:33am
This recipe was on trademe a wee while ago. I've NEVER made fudge before ( always to afraid of failing ) this was the first one i tried and it is the ONLY one i will ever make. Sorry to the original post whom i cant remember

Bring to boil on medium heat stirring ALL the time:
1 cup brown sugar
125 gm butter (room temp so you're not starting from rock hard)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon golden syrup
Simmer on low for ten minutes, stirring ALL the time all around the pot to prevent little brown bits forming
Remove from heat and quickly stir in till melted 100 gms Whittaker's white chocolate
Pour into 20 cm square tin lined with baking paper
Do not cut until completely cold, for neat edges (the chocolate needs time to set)

molly37, Nov 5, 8:20pm
Thanks whiskey13, sounds easy peasy too. Will give it a go. Not sure my hips will enjoy it though.

nzrose7, Nov 5, 11:17pm
Make mine in the microwave, Alison Holst recipe.

angela74, Nov 6, 1:20am
I made this yesterday for the first time in about 10 years!I remember the last time I did it I burnt it a little and then didnt beat it enough so it was yuck- of course!Yesterdays was fantastic.I stirred it constantly because I couldn't get the heat low enough and then beat it for ages too!Result was perfect and only about 5 pieces left!

chrisynz, Nov 6, 7:28am
my daughter had a go at the one above, not sure what she done, but it didnt set and had the taste more like carmel sauce.

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