What can I do with frozen milk!

katje, Nov 4, 12:10pm
Have uncovered some of that purple label fresh milk frozen in my parents freezer. It has been there for a year. Can I make ice cream or cheese out of it! Meaning is it still good for making stuff like that!

gardie, Nov 4, 5:20pm
I thought this may have been a thread following the recent dumping of milk by farmers.We popped some into our freezer - only 10L though.I just defrost it in the fridge and use as per normal milk.I'm not sure what the purple label stuff is though.

lythande1, Nov 4, 6:53pm
Thaw it out and drink it.

irenew, Nov 4, 8:37pm
We regularly freeze our milk (1 litre plastic bottles), as we don't drink it fast enough before it would go off.Yes, just thaw it out and use as normal.

peneve, Nov 4, 9:24pm
We freeze our milk too!It is ok. Just give it a good shake when it is fully thawed out.Use as for normal milk.Often buy plenty and put in freezer - just have to remember to take it out a day before it is needed as it takes a long time to thaw!

katje, Nov 5, 12:16am
what Im wondering is if I can make cheese or ice cream with it if it has been frozen for a year. The purple label is farm fresh I think. Its in a freezer at y folks place so Im not 100% sure of the name right now. But has anyone successfully made cheese or ice cream with milk thats been frozen for a year!

vmax2, Nov 5, 2:52am
I froze some goats milk in the summer thinking I'd make cheese with it in the winter but it separated out and was unusable - the lambs and calves got it instead.So you may find that it's not ok for cheese.I think milk frozen for about 3 months frozen is optimal.But you never know till you try.

mums.toys, Nov 5, 3:04am
we always freeze milk over the winter months its fine just shake once thawed as it separates a bit.

mums.toys, Nov 5, 3:05am
actually just thought we take milk from the vat so is unpasturised, unsure if pasturised milk freezes as well

vmax2, Nov 5, 3:49am
I have had success in freezing milk before, but I think that it was just too old to be useful.I also freeze milk towards the end of the season but separately as in take the cream off first so freeze low fat milk.Easy to then add some bought cream or whatever.

katje, Nov 5, 9:10am
so for those who have tried, definitely too old to make cheese now! I think that was what I originally bought it for sadly- then put it in the frezer and forgot about it

vmax2, Nov 6, 8:15am
I wouldn't make cheese with it now.Try using it just for your drinks etc.Go get some milk straight from a dairy farm and try again - better for making cheese than the bought stuff anyway.

katje, Nov 8, 5:29am
thanks will do

kuaka, Nov 8, 9:45am
I made ice cream this morning, didn't use milk, the recipe is just cream, eggs and sugar - it's yum.Don't think milk would be creamy enough.

aglarana, Nov 8, 11:48am
Katje, I'm pretty sure milk has a maximum 6 months life span in a deep freezer, 3 months in a fridge freezer. Give it a go and see how it turns out. But don't give it to your kids unless you have loads of loo rolls. lol.

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