Sweet vanilla butter from cream - What happened

splitty, Nov 1, 12:22am
I started beating my cream, with vanilla and sugar, like I usually do and it wouldn't whip up so I put it in a smaller bowl and it didn't whip it just went straight into butter with a lot of liquid (whey!) way more than you would normally get. Do you think this is the reason it did that, It was the bottom of the bottle and I used the rest for ganache and took a bit of extra chocolate to set.

pheebs1, Nov 1, 12:24am
do you think you may have had it at the back of your fridge and it got too cold almost frozen!
was it quite thick when you started!

splitty, Nov 1, 12:32am
Nope it was normal when I started, I am thinking maybe I should ring them.

splitty, Nov 1, 12:34am
Totally annoyed me cause it was the last of my cream and I was going to put it in some donuts I just made

davidt4, Nov 1, 1:03am
Cream will split when over-beaten, especially if it's not cold or if it's stale.

pheebs1, Nov 1, 1:10am
so annoying especially as its not cheap these days
well it will be lovely in a cake
enjoy your doughnuts

splitty, Nov 1, 1:19am
I just rang Pams and the man I spoke to said that someone else had rung about the same thing and he had googled it and told me it is because it was too warm, I told him it was straight from the fridge, and he said next time put it in the freezer for a while before I whip it, what! I explained that I had whipped cream hundreds of times and it had never happened so why now! He couldn't answer me but took my details and is sending a replacement voucher. It wasn't because I over-whipped it, it didn't even whip at all, just went straight from liquid cream to butter.

sarahb5, Nov 1, 1:30am
What sort of vanilla were you using!I have had vanilla essence (the real stuff, not imitation) and when it's been a bit "old" it has had a similar effect of splitting milk or whatever else I've added it to.

prawn_whiskas, Nov 1, 2:09am
That's probably because real vanilla extract is in an alcohol base that is upwards of 45%.

sarahb5, Nov 1, 9:09am
Yeah I know that but usually it just looks a bit streaky whereas the time I used some old extract I found at the back of the pantry it looked more curdled than just streaky, if that makes sense

elliehen, Nov 1, 11:09am
splitty, you have the wrong name for the job.You need a name like 'whippy' ;)

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