Sweet pastry cases

mindi1, Nov 28, 6:13am
I am preparing supper/coffee time treats for 40 people on Wednesday night and am contemplating an EASY shortcut filling for the wee sweet pastry cases I have.
Foremost idea at the moment is to mix up a few packets of boysenberry WW mousse, pour in, set and drop a wee fresh raspberry on some, and a chocolate shaving on others.
Do you think this will work if I prepare on Tuesday night ~ would hate them to be soggy by Wednesday.
Will also be baking choco cake, cinnamon Xmas decorated biscuits and white pistachio rocky road ... final offering needs to be QUICK as I am out of time.

geldof, Nov 28, 6:39am
What about a small dollop of caramel condensed milk, topped with slice ofbanana and chocolate button.

Mousse may go soggy.

gardie, Nov 28, 7:01am
Agree that the mousse may go soggy.If you pop it into a couple of bags ready to pipe, you could perhaps do it a couple of hours before.I also think the fresh raspberry would bleed juice overnight.I think that the WW mousse products have that saccarine(sp) taste - what about using the standard product?

Another option:soften a tub of cream cheese and stir throughgood jam eg Anathoths raspberry for a marbled effect - can then be spooned or piped into tarts shells.To lighten it, fold in some whipped cream.

Beat some cream till soft peaks and then fold through lemon butter.

What about making a cheesecake filling that has gelatine in it that will set in the cases - still wouldn't do it till a couple of hours beforehand though.

mindi1, Nov 28, 7:50am
Thanks for all this info about things I hadn't thought about. Please keep the ideas coming.

klestore, Nov 28, 8:07am
Lemon curd and a small blob of meriengue- bake for about 10 mins just to cook the meriengue.Don't overfill them. Store well in the fridge.Yum :)

noelee, Nov 29, 12:11am
I used cheecake filling [ brought from the supermartket expensive but very delish and goes a long way] in pottle a tsp or 2 into sweet pastry cases topped some with shaved chocolate, others with strawberries with a little glaze on it or can use other berries, very nice with ambrosia minus the marshmellows drizzled with melted chcolate, neenish tart filling, custard with fruit, paint base of pastry cases with melted chocolate seals then put whatever filling esp berries.
Have a great night mindi1

pr1ncesswst, Nov 29, 1:49am
Brush the inside of the shells with melted chocolate, let set then fill.They won't go soggy then as the chocolate protects the shell.We do it at work with custard, fruit etc tarts, works a treat.

buzzy110, Nov 29, 1:57am
Why not make a batch of Creme Patisserie. It lasts ages in the fridge. Take it out of the fridge and bring to room temperature and add cream to it and whip. It makes a beautiful, easily piped filling. You can pipe it into your cases and pop a piece of fruit on just before laying onto the table.

For variation, if you have, perchance, made any lemon spread/honey/cheese etc, then you can add that to the mix before whipping and you have a yummy lemon flavour filling.

Another variation is to add a bar of Lindt 70 or 80% chocolate to the Creme Patisserie.

I see pr1ncesswst has the best idea yet.

mindi1, Nov 29, 9:32am
That tip about brushing with melted chocolate is a fantastic one.
Haven't noticed cheesecake filling at the supermarket? Is it in the chiller? That would be really useful.
Thanks for the ideas and good wishes.

elliehen, Nov 29, 9:46am
Another idea from a current thread :)

245sam, Nov 29, 12:37pm
Yes, you'll find cheesecake filling in the supermarket chiller, in the vicinity of cream cheese, sour cream, etc. - have a look at the following link so that you know what to look out for:-


mindi1, Nov 29, 6:09pm
Thanks so much.

mindi1, Nov 29, 6:10pm
Yes, I noticed that too.

Re the banana slice on top ... would it not go brown?I don't know if I fancy squeezing lemon juice over the banana to prevent this.

tc47, Sep 15, 12:07pm
I did the banana and cream just before serving :)