Barkers of Geraldine Black Doris Plum Jam

blyme_jerv, Jan 19, 3:46am
the apricot spread is really nice to

harrislucinda, Jan 19, 3:56am

sue1955, Jan 19, 4:12am
I recently went into Barker's retail shop in Geraldine while I was down there on holiday. I bought home 6 jars of relishes in my hand luggage that I can't find in my local supermarket. Beautiful products.

terachaos, Jan 19, 4:12am
Now, for a decent marmalade; bittersweet with loads of peel

weha, Jan 19, 4:33am
I like Barkers Apricot jam.they do a no added sugar one in which they use pear juice to sweeten instead of sugar.I know its still sugar but it is a tart apricot jam and very addictive.

iriegirl, Jan 19, 5:04am
Hi all, they sell online for those of you who can't get it at a supermarket :o)

goodbooks, Jan 19, 6:14am

seniorbones, Jan 19, 7:15am
they used to do Blackcurrant and red onion chutney, I
went to get some today and they have made it a 'jelly!" I dont want jelly I used to love the relish :-0( and I usually order on line too and get the lemon squash which is the best.

m41, Jan 19, 8:06am
barker`s peach and mango chutney is devine !

wildflower, Jan 20, 3:30am
Barker's are great, I used their peach and mango chutney on a pizza with chicken last Fri for tea, yum:)

survivorr, Nov 12, 11:34pm
Just opened their product for the first time.Amazing!I have given up on other brands because of the water content.Craigs used to be good but now very watery.I just happened to spy Barkers on the shelf on Friday!It is like firm jelly.Really lovely.I see they have many other products as well so I will definitely be looking and purchasing.

elliehen, Nov 12, 11:38pm
If it's sold in Auckland supermarkets, check out Pope's too.The Popes founded Anathoth, then sold it when it became huge and they wanted capital.Now they have returned to their Moutere roots and make jam at the stove, stirred by people not machines, and it has a high proprtion of best quality fruit.

The raspberry is hard to beat.

survivorr, Nov 13, 12:06am
Ta . will be checking those out as well then.

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