How to make Sweet Onion sauce?

tixy, Mar 26, 2:40am
I havent hit up my good friend Google yet, but I'm hoping for a good recipe for sweet onion sauce please.

tixy, Mar 26, 2:48am
Ok, I have found the Subway Clone, but now I need an NZ equivalent of light corn syrup, and buttermilk baking mix (now THAT one has me boggled! )Any clues please?

245sam, Mar 26, 5:08am
tixy, sorry I can't personally help you re the "buttermilk baking mix" but "good friend Google" can - I was going to post you a link but there are too many options so I suggest that you try doing a google search for "buttermilk baking mix" - it appears to be a buttermilk-added version of Bisquick baking mix.

Corn syrup can be found in our supermarkets - our local New World has it.

Hope that helps. :-))

jono84, Dec 6, 1:08pm
Onion Jam - just reduce onions, redwine and redwine vinegar and some brown sugar, this makes awsome red onion jam, can leave out the red wine also.

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