Take a plate recipe that is gluten/dairy free

artkat, Oct 28, 6:02am
Have a baby shower to go to tomorrow afternoon/evening and ned to take a plate for a light tea/supper. Mainly finger food stuff. Has to be dairy freeas one person highly allergic to dairy (epipen and ambulance) and 2 gluten intolerant. Also have a vegan to cater for. It so difficult trying to find something to suit! Any suggestions! I am wondering about sushi with tamari sauce. Thoughts!

uli, Oct 28, 6:10am
Hard to make vegan sushi - except if you drop the fish and use only avocado.

I would do rice paper rolls filled with salad stuff and a dipping sauce

chrisynz, Oct 28, 6:16am
i have a recipe for yummy savoury treats that i make for my friend , i shall look out the recipe for u and put it up. i havent made them in ages as she has move to aussie, but from memory they have bacon in them along with gluten free flour, eggs, sour cream. almost like a muffin.

also have a gluten free dessert which is yummy.

sloth5, Oct 28, 7:14am
What about a carrot, celery, cherry tomato, bell pepper platter with hummas to dip in to. Ok not quite supper but most people will be happy with it.

frances1266, Oct 28, 9:28am
Tr the glutenfreegoddess blog, heaps of suitable recipes there.

nzl99, Oct 28, 5:46pm
Just double check the ingreds on the sauce jar. they often contain traces of wheat flour etc.

uli, Oct 28, 9:05am
bump for more ideas - for a friend in the same situation

vampiriousmist, Oct 28, 9:23am
You could useg/f flour for this to make the crust


mumstu, Oct 28, 7:24pm
Meringues.always make these for a friend who is gluten free.You canput coconut and cocoa in them and make the most divine macaroons.:)

ruby19, Oct 28, 7:51pm
Falafels, with hummus dip, perhaps with some veggie stick well for dipping.
A Mexican bean dip ,with gluten free nacho chip. You could make a guacamole style dip or salsa as well.

Indian pakora, onion bahjees, (make with chickpea flour, ) with a tamarind dipping sauce, or a coriander chutney.

sarahb5, Oct 28, 8:59pm
That was my first thought too .

Also fruit kebabs with a dipping sauce.Are marshmallows dairy and gluten free!

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