White chocolate getting gluggy when melted

k.b.moss, Oct 23, 10:41am
Any tips. i've tried kremelta. but doesn't seem to help. i'm only using choc buttons while i'm learning. and the milk choc n dark choc are fine but not the white chocolate.

s.rolly, Oct 23, 10:48am
How did you melt them!I always find the mic works better for me.

elliehen, Oct 23, 12:15pm
Whittaker's white chocolate is the best.in a bowl over a pot of water that's just boiled (not touching the water).

gypsy11, Oct 23, 8:39pm
Add a little cooking oil (just your basic sunflower) Whisk it in until fully incorporated! Add a little at a time, until you reach the consistency you desire!

k.b.moss, Oct 24, 4:05am
thanks so much. i'm using a proper chocolate melter think lol works well with the milk n dark. just a pain really. wouldn't oil do the same as kremelta. coz use that and still doesn't do much

elliehen, Oct 24, 4:07am
I think the difference is in the quality of the chocolate.the better the quailty, the smoother the result.

k.b.moss, Oct 24, 7:31am
ok kool apart from whittakers wat brands do people suggest!

whistler98, Oct 24, 9:55am
Black & Greens chocolate is what I swear buy.I was told when melting white chocolate to do it in the microwave and add a little water to it to help it thin out.Hope this helps you.

k.b.moss, Oct 24, 10:16am
thanks heaps :) anytips help as i'm a newbie lol. black n greens never heard of it. where would i find it!

nik12, Oct 24, 10:41am
Add a little water!
If you do that to milk or dark it will seize is that not the case with white!
Honest question - I have no idea!

davidt4, Oct 24, 8:24pm
It's called Green & Black.I buy it at New World and at Countdown.

chatsmom, Oct 24, 8:34pm
Much white chocolate is not actually chocolate so that can be where the problem is. If its not fresh, it can seize easily unfortunately. Never add water as that will seize it as well. Poss not the case if only melting confectionery.
If you melt in the microwave, do it in 20 sec bursts and stir between.
Over a double boiler is the best way to melt though.

sarahb5, Oct 25, 12:03am
I found bars of white chocolate (Whittakers or Cadbury) just burn and turn gluggy - the only white chocolate that has melted properly for me has been the Nestle White Chocolate Melts - definitely don't add water to any chocolate - goes hard and unworkable

deus701, Oct 25, 12:32am
i wouldn't add kremelta to white chocolate. You usually add it to chocolate with a stiffer consistency, like dark chocolate so it can be piped. White choc is already quite soft. Gluggy means you either have too much liquid or you have burnt the milk solids and its showing up as lumps. You can try melting white choc at 30% power in the microwave at 2-3mins intervals.

k.b.moss, Oct 27, 2:09am
thanks everyone. great info :) i use a chocolate melter thingy lol never added water to it. deus701 u hit the nail on the head. its exactly how it goes lol mite try the warm setting instead of the heat one and see how i go

wildflower, Oct 27, 2:49am
I use Whittaker for everything incl white chocolate yesterday with no problem, just in top of double boiler.

coolnzmum, Oct 27, 3:13am
white chocolate is not really chocolate and my daughter tells me you need to do it using a double boiler stirring all the time with gentle heat.

k.b.moss, Oct 27, 5:16am
ok i'll try the double boilier. is that the one with sitting the bowl in hot water! lol sorry only done it in mircowaves n the chocolate melter thing

dn_filly, Oct 27, 8:11pm
i have found the chocolate melts to be the best.
over heating it will make it go gluggy.
i do the bouble boiler thing, works well.dont let the bowl touch the water.
i find it best to bring to the boil, then turn it down low. that way it doesnt over heat, and is a lot better to work with.

wildflower, Oct 28, 2:26am
Ditto to that, melt is gradually.

deus701, Oct 28, 3:38am
Double boiler is when you bring water to a boil in a pot, place a stainless steel bowl with chopped choc over the pot and turn off the heat. You can leave the fire on, only if you are constantly watching it or else the choc will singe around the sides. Dark choc needs around 50C to melt, and white chocolate would be even lower.

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