how to make green icing???

hrhfort, Mar 24, 9:02am
My son has requested for his birthday cake tomorrow, a cake with green icing. Have the green colouring but unsure of the rest.
He wants it to cover a plain sponge and for me to go mad with the pebbles and choc drops on top:)

barloo, Mar 24, 9:08am
just add a few drops into the icing and mix till you get he green you want. Only a drop at a time as it goes a long way!

hezwez, Mar 24, 9:20am
Just a hint, if there is much butter in the icing you'll end up with blue.

rainrain1, Mar 24, 10:40am
Um, dah, try dah green colouring doll ! ! !

waswoods, Dec 5, 4:18pm
Green + yellow doesn't make blue; however blue + yellow will make green.

Beat the butter and icing sugar very well and it will go almost white then you add your food colouring

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