Freezing mini muffins

calista, Oct 1, 10:25pm
Alison Holst mentions freezing some muffins, but doesn't mention it with others.Does anyone know If it's OK to freeze muffins made with tinned peaches! Or those that are topped with lemon juice and sugar!

I can't see why not, but thoughy I'd ask the opinion of others.TIA

jessie981, Oct 1, 11:20pm
Not sure on the peach, but Lemon freeze fine. Peach should be ok if the peach is finely choped. Do a test 1.

scootergirl, Oct 2, 1:35am
I freeze muffins made with tinned apple and they freeze well.

sue1955, Oct 2, 2:38am
I make a variety of muffins - fruit, savoury, ginger & bran & chuck them all around the binin the freezer to free flow freeze them & then bag them up. Thaw them out for 20secs in the microwave. Haven't had a failure yet.

gardie, Oct 2, 2:51am
If you mean the crunchy lemon muffins, then the sugar will dissolve somewhat upon defrosting and they will no longer be crunchy - still scrummy, but not crunchy.Now I just stir up the juice and sugar to make a syrup and don't worry so much about the crunchy bit.

aimz_bj, Oct 2, 7:21am
I make fruit salad muffins and the freeze fine :)

calista, Oct 3, 1:18am
Thanks everyone.I think I'll replace the crunchy lemon with something else - maybe ginger and date.If it was later in the year I would do rum and raisin, but they will have to wait until nearer Christmas.

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