Coconut Oil.

fisher, Sep 26, 9:05pm
Where's the best place to buy coconut oil and at what price, possibly bulk amounts.!cheers.

prawn_whiskas, Sep 26, 9:09pm
How bulk! are you talking ltrs!

If so then Chantal Organic Wholesalers would be your best bet, but then the question is what use for it do you have in mind (Chantals stuff is not nice if its for eating etc)

fisher, Sep 26, 9:13pm
Yes,some for eating and some for deep frying,so yes. possibly litres.

prawn_whiskas, Sep 26, 9:22pm
Chantals is ok for frying but not for clean eating (ie off a spoon)

Chantals can have bitter notes so you may want to get a small jar first and try it.Two of the best eating oils out there are Zenian and John Appleton's Celebs.

motorbo, Sep 26, 9:51pm
i wouldnt touch that chantals, go to john appleton

vmax2, Sep 26, 10:02pm
I bought a 20 litre bucket of Zenian.It's very handy.I think John Appleton only does the jars.But I could be wrong.Interesting to find out.

prawn_whiskas, Sep 26, 10:06pm
Out of interest how much was your bucket of Zenian Vmax! and is it the Philli or the Thai oil!

JA only does jars, expensive, but ideal for supplementation.

vmax2, Sep 26, 10:12pm
Not sure what price it was prawn-whiskas.I bought it about a year ago.Just checked the bucket and it doesn't say which one it was.Certainly using more coconut oil than I was when using the jars, but that's not a bad thing.Try

fisher, Sep 26, 11:00pm
Thanks folks. any more info appreciated.

me-shell1, Sep 27, 6:02am
google coconutoilshopnz

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