Coconut oil for cooking

primrose01, Dec 1, 3:54am
Hi there just wanting to know where the cheapest place to get coconut oil from is? Thanks

awoftam, Dec 1, 4:32am
That's kind of a 'how long is a piece of string' question. Depends on where you live, what shops are available and what quality you buy. For instance if I want to buy it, I only have place to get it from, so I wait until I am in a bigger town.

paislydoll, Dec 1, 4:43am
I get mine from P'n'S. when I take the one hour trip into town. most supermarkets now have it.

uli, May 21, 9:06am
It also depends what quality you want.

I only use extra virgin organic coconut oil from the Phillipines - all others are pretty inferior in my experience.

I buy it by the carton lot from an organic wholesaler.

The "cheapest" may be so bad that you do not want to use it. I still havethe remnants of a 5 liter pail here that I never used up as it was so bad. I now mix it into the animals food a little at a time.

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