Whirlpool Crisp/Grill/Microwave.

maybe3, Sep 22, 12:26am
Could anyone recommend a good recipe book for my new microwave.!Many thanks for any help.

wingee, Sep 22, 3:05am
Did you not get one with your microwave!

maybe3, Sep 22, 3:17am
Only a very thin booklet.

prawn_whiskas, Sep 22, 3:26am
The bonus with this type of microwave is, its an oven! use it as you would the house oven.Its just much faster and cooks things more evenly, a roast chook comes out beautiful.There's no specific recipes I guess.

samsnan, Sep 22, 4:13am
maybe3 I have a recipe book that I picked up at the Home Show where they were being demonstrated. It is written by Joy Peel a lady from New Plymouth who has been using one for years and works in the food industry. Her husband is a well known appliance technican. Maybe you could look her number up in the phone book and call her unless someone has a better idea. It is simply written and easy to understand. Lets know if dont have any luck.

squeakygirl, Sep 22, 4:32am
i have just listed one that may help.

squeakygirl, Sep 22, 4:36am

willow123, Sep 22, 8:27am
Saw the microwaves in Harvey Norman and they had an awesome recipe book which was $30

beebs, Sep 22, 7:29pm
just use it like your oven, you will get the hang of the different cooking times as you go, we do almost everything on top and bottom grill (together), couldnt live wthout ours

donnabeth, Sep 22, 11:00pm
I use the crisp to bake potatoes with a crispy skin and roast veges.

maybe3, Sep 23, 3:05am
Thank you so much everyone who has been so helpful.I'm on the right track now.

fuzzy532, Sep 23, 6:13am
We recently got one of her cook books as well - We have been using these microwaves for a number of years over different models & have found them excellent & wouldn't use anything else - a large chicken cooked on the crisp plate takes approx 50 mins & it comes out beautiful - we sometimes put a little foil over the ends of the leg - it is great for doing bacon, eggs & tomatoes, steak, pork chops & also scones to name a few things Very good for reheating pizzas & pastries as they don't go soggy

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