Rice or Soy milk which is best for baking

mr-and-mrs, Sep 23, 10:48am
I'm baking a yummy mud cake but gd is lactose intolerant.I know both milks taste awful by themselves and was hoping someone could tell me which would be the better milk.Im hoping the choc taste will override the milk substitute. TIA

elliehen, Sep 23, 10:54am
Without Milk
From the web:
"Milk is the least critical ingredient in baking and thus is the easiest to substitute. Substitutions will affect the fat content, sweetness and the ability to colour the baked good. If required, sweetness and fat content can be corrected by adjusting the sweetener and fat amounts in the recipe.

Soy milk tends to brown baked goods prematurely, while potato milk tends to whiten products. When baking, check your product often. If it’s getting too brown cover with tin foil and resume baking. If it’s not brown enough bake until the product passes the "toothpick test". A few minutes under the broiler can add a little colour if necessary.

Rice milk has a tendency to make dough a little too watery which can be corrected by adding a little extra oil to the recipe."

Hope this helps until someone who has tried these comes along :)

guest, Jan 11, 10:19am
Super jazzed about getting that knww-hoo.

guest, Jan 13, 2:09pm
yes just double the water for the rice elxpmae 2 cups rice 4 cups of water arent rice cookers great i love them too .if you 3 cups rice 6 cups of water got the idea

guest, Jan 14, 10:08am
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