Oyster soup

trev157, Mar 23, 2:53am
hi. . Am new to the recipe thread and was wanting a nice simple recipe for oyster soup please. . mrs t

sumstyle, Mar 23, 5:17am
Wow! I believe the Edmonds Cook Book one is good, but have never had the dosh to try it.

3 cups fish stock
25g butter
25g flour
300g milk
salt and pepper
pinch of mace or nutmeg
1 1/2 dozen oysters
few drops of lemon juice

Melt butter, stir in flour, add stock and milk gradually, stirring all the time. Cook until the mixture thickens, then 5-10 minutes longer. Season. remove from the heat and add chopped oysters and lemon juice.

sumstyle, Nov 26, 5:15pm
Off the topic ever so slightly - the recipe is in my "old" copy of the ECB but not in my flatmate's much newer version. Makes me wonder whether her copy also is missing recipes with tripe, liver, shin fillets etc!

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