Anybody have a breville IKON slow cooker!

wadboy, Aug 29, 1:28am
Thinking about buing a Brevilee Ikon slow cooker. Anyone have one and is it good!

fifie, Aug 29, 3:51am
Haven't got one sorry have a look at these reviews. Great for family size meals, Says inner can go in oven to and video shows it on gas browning also so its pot cookingtakes away the browning in frying pan and transfering to S/C. I use my s/c a lotand if i was cooking for a large family needed a new one i'd be considering.

chef42, Aug 29, 4:12am
i have one & my wife uses it for stews casseroles etc when we are both at work & dinner is cooked when we get home excellent cooks well,

wadboy, Aug 29, 8:11am
Thanks guys. Sounds good.

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