Curry for seafood - Coconut cream

delate, Aug 28, 7:45am
Hi cooks, help pls, after simple curry to add mussels, shrimps, etc, one with coconut cream/milk! Thanks!

raebee, Aug 28, 8:34am
I just stumbled across an easy recipe the other day.just use coconut milk and red curry paste (approx 2 cans coconut milk = 1/6 cup paste in recipe i used) and boil together for a bit then add browned meat and stir fry veges.Was yum.probably everyone knows that recipe, but i'd never made a thai type curry before so all new to me :)(my meat was pork mince mixed with more curry paste)

sultana0, Aug 28, 9:19am
Try a Laksa, Thai style

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