Left over coconut cream

ness315, Jun 21, 7:06am
hiya, i have about 3/4 of a tin of coconut cream left over, and its something i dont normally use so no point really in freezing the left over stuff here. Does anyone have any suggestions for recipes for me to google? BTW if it helps we all have massive sweet tooths here lol.

deus701, Jun 21, 7:10am
google sago pudding or bubur chacha

ness315, Jun 21, 7:22am
oooh sago pudding! i havent had that since i was a kid, fantastic!

ness315, Jun 21, 7:27am
just had a look, sago pudding is perfect, thanks deus701

cookessentials, Aug 25, 6:47pm
I do a nice Thai chicken curry with coconut cream in it.

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