hi, its my sons 5th birthday in couple of weeks

dazzamax83, Mar 22, 1:55am
and im going to try to make this ben10 cake- anyone here made it before and has any useful tips pls? p. s i suck at cake making :-)
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/11/124414411_full. jp


dazzamax83, Mar 22, 1:57am
sorry that link doesnt work try this one:
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/11/124414411_full. jp

vintagekitty, Mar 22, 2:44am
I'd cheat!
Buy a unfilled round sponge from the supermarket, make some green icing, use Liquorice straps for the black bands, bang some ben 10 figurines on top and voila! - one ben 10 cake

you could even buy 2 sponges to get the height

Hope he has a great birthday

zappi, Mar 22, 2:55am
I made one for our sons birthday. I made a large rectangle cake mix up and then iced with green icing. I printed off the computer a picture of Ben Ten and laminated it and then just placed it on the top of the cake. We had little cupcakes in green and black icing and I also printed of on one of the Ben Ten sites little squares with ben ten pictures and sticky taped to toothpicks which then went in the cupcakes. Looked great. we had green and black balloons also. He loved it. Cake was super easy and none of the piping to do.

punkinthefirst, Mar 22, 3:49am
The black bands on that cake are lengths of black satin ribbon.
Go with the sponge + icing +figurines+ribbon... . its easier to handle than licorice.

margyr, Mar 22, 3:55am
make a butter cream icing, put it on fairly thick and then use a bread and butter knife that you have in boiling water, dry it, and smooth the icing out. If you are going to use ribbon dont put it on till the last minute as it may soak the butter out of the icing and look yuck.

mismuffet, Mar 22, 5:19am
I made a similar one for a friends son, I did it out of ready to roll icing and coloured it. You could use licourice (sp? ) for the black. Some children to react to black food colouring. Keep it simple, if you're using butter icing remember that it doesn't colour true as it has a yellow tinge to begin with. Freeze your cake first so that you don't end up with cake crumbs in your icing. Have everything ready, then take your cake from the freezer pop it on the plate or board and put the icing on. Smooth as best you can, be confident and don't fiddle with it afterwards. It will be GREAT!

dazzamax83, Mar 22, 5:50am
wow, thanks guys great helpful tips! i will def. cheat with the cake and will freeze it too (never knew that! ) wish me luck with the icing it may be a bit of a debarkle but i'll post pics after the 4th April, cheers :-)

lizab, Mar 22, 6:31am
O M GGGGGGG - I completely misread this thread title and thought it said 50 instead of 5! ! ! As I clicked on it, I was thinking how gorgeous that his mum was making his birthday cake! ! ! LOL! ! !

lizab, Mar 22, 6:32am
thought it was odd when you mentioned Ben 10 in your message LOL

margyr, Nov 24, 8:49am
if you beat/whip your butter icing it will be quite white, only stays yellow if not beaten enough.

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