Butter Question - I should know this but.

firemansgirl, Aug 13, 2:00am
If a recipe calls for say 125g melted butter does that mean take that amount of butter and melt it OR melt butter and measure out 125g! I should know but don't bake a whole lot, my cakes usually have oil and not butter but I have found a recipe like and don't want to have it go wrong. and can I take a recipe that asks for butter and substitute oil! If so, what quantity!

hott-mama, Aug 13, 2:03am
I take it to mean 125gm butter in its solidified form, then melt it .

not sure about substituting oil for butter though .

firemansgirl, Aug 13, 2:14am
Thank you [: )

agnes8, Aug 13, 2:16am
I have been finding that a lot of my old tried and true biscuit recipes are not as buttery and crisp as they used to be in years gone by.reckon it is because butter is no longer pure as it used to be as they bulk it up with water so I add a slightly larger quantity of butter to the recipe.anyone else found this !

harrislucinda, Aug 13, 2:23am

darlingmole, Aug 13, 2:32am
yeah agnes I've found this too.I've also tried substituting oil for butter (well the cost of it!)in recipes but find the cakes go quite crumbey fast!

greerg, Aug 13, 2:43am
125grms is a weight measure so 125 grms of solid butter still weighs 125 grms when its melted.

agnes8, Aug 13, 2:46am
Well there you go.good to know it isn't just me.thanks.

lythande1, Aug 13, 2:47am
You take 125gof butter and melt it.
How would you measure grams of a liquid!

yjeva, Aug 13, 2:51am
On the scales the same as you measure a solid

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