Chocolate dip for frozen icecream

sooz1516, Aug 11, 10:53am
Does anyone have a recipe for making chocolate dip for frozen ice cream on a stick without using kremalta!

pam.delilah, Aug 11, 9:02pm
Choc Sauce that sets hard on ice cream
1/2 C icing sugar
3 T cocoa
125 gm Kremelta
1 t vanilla
Sift icing sugar and cocoa into small bowl.
Melt Kremelta over low heat, gradually stir into icing sugar until smooth. Add vanilla.
Coating can be used immediately.
Leftovers stored in fridge- to melt again, put container in boiling water.

sooz1516, Aug 11, 10:41pm
Thanks for that. I don't want to use kremelta as it leaves a fatty taste in the mouth. Is there anything else that could be used instead!

wildflower, Aug 12, 4:19am
Just melt a block of chocolate.

buzzy110, Aug 12, 4:37am
Does ice cream come any way other than frozen!

margyr, Aug 12, 4:50am
how about a thick gnache! chocolate and cream.

flower-child01, Aug 12, 10:55am

sooz1516, Aug 13, 2:01am
Buzzy110, what i actually mean is i want to dip the ice cream in dip and then freeze, similar to how Hoyts sell theres.
Margyr, i may try this one as cream, the problem i am having is that after a time the chocolate dip starts going a whitish colour. Thanks.

sooz1516, Aug 13, 2:02am
Oops. theirs not theres!

sooz1516, Aug 13, 2:04am
chocolate crackle is a new one to me. Do you know if this sets hard with the butter in it!

tipsy_bl0nde, Aug 13, 6:52am
Yes chocolate crackle will set with butter in it. I make my crackle with chocolate melted in a bowl over a pot of water and add melted butter and stir til its combined then stir through ricies. I think it was 1.5 cups chocolate chips to 50g butter and then mix through 2-3 cups of ricies and put into muffin cups. Add more ricies if you want them less chocolatey.

talent.scout, Aug 13, 11:20pm
made this last night. except i put 3 times the cocoa powder in it, to make it extra choc.Not a bad recipe actually.

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