pansyt, Mar 21, 11:39pm
I'm hopeless at icing, have a wonderful cake mold of a fairy castle, but oh how to do the icing. Anyone with suggestions ?

margyr, Mar 22, 3:36am
google, castle birthday cakes, also when i did kid's birthday cakes i used butter cream icing spread it on fairly thick, and use a knife soaked in boiling water to smooth it out, then pipe your decorations, but check out the site on google it will give you some more ideas.

loislane1, Nov 27, 1:54am
Is it this cake tin, auction 278798744? If so you can google wilton cake tin decorating instructions and it will give you how to do it. The cake tin will have all the lines on it so when your cake comes out you'll be able to follow the different sections.

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