Substitute butter with Olivani! (scones)

evancoll, Aug 7, 4:23am
Hi, I want to make these.
-L5492.html Do you think it would be ok to use Olivani spread instead of butter!

lx4000, Aug 7, 4:27am
why not, give it a go. I don't see a problem. Or try using this recipe. You can add anything to them!


Melt 50g butter in a jug.

Whisk in 1 egg.

Add 2 cups of milk.

Add to 4 to 5+ cups of self-raising flour and mix with a knife. This should be a wettish mix.

Oven at 230oC for about 10 mins. Hope you enjoy them! Yummo!

Date or sultana scones. Soak dried fruit in milk for an hour or so before making.

You can add cheese, onion etc for savoury scones.
Plain flour can be used, just add 2 teaspoons of Baking Powder Per Cup of flour used.

Don't over work the dough and don't place too far apart on the tray!

seaturtle, Aug 7, 10:38am
yes it is fine to use olivani to make scones a good dairy free option.
I have even made them with olive oil. water ,baking powder and flour
the key to great scones is to not be stingy with what ever fat you put into the mix and get them in the oven as quickly as possable dont mess around kneeding the mix ! and you turn out light fluffy scones every time

susieq9, Aug 7, 11:00pm
I use the lite olivani when making scones on the boat. We don't have any butter and they turn out just great. Don't over mix.

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