cursed or bad technique re roast beef ? Advice pls

poppysinger2, Mar 21, 6:08am
I seem to be cursed as far as cooking a rolled rib roast of beef... Tonight I tried slow cooking in covered dish for 2 and a half hours and it wasstill tough as andhard to cut... . . Delicious flavour and yummy gravy though and roast pumpkin , garlic , parsnip , kumara and potato were all good ... . I remember my gran making this roast but hers would sort of melt in the mouth it was so tender. Where am I going wrong here? This meat was also super fatty when I took off the little net thing holding meat roll together... .

margyr, Mar 21, 6:24am
try doing it in an oven bag, also for longer probably 3- 3/12 hours, also let it stand before carving.

dbab, Mar 21, 7:54am
I started a thread on this some time ago. Nobody really had the answer, so I don't buy rolled roasts anymore. lots of other things to cook.

martine5, Mar 21, 8:05am
What is the meat that is rolled, do you have a cut name?

poppysinger2, Mar 21, 8:07am
Yes I guess thats true , I havent even tried beef for months cos its always so disappointing. Thanks for the oven bag suggestion too. If I ever attempt a rolled roast again I will give the oven bag a go, I remember Gran using these at timesbut cant remember if she did with beef.

poppysinger2, Mar 21, 8:09am
Oh I think it was rib rolled beef , it was in two bits though and very fatty coating of fat on top bit , smallhunk of meat in middle and it all fell apart once I took the little net off which was holding it together too.

uli, Mar 21, 8:11am
read this thread: asp
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post 13:
Rolled roast is what is peeled off the ribcage and is in most countries cooked with veges to produce a beef broth/soup, then eaten with potatoes, the veges and horseradish sauce.
In NZ it is rolled up and sold as a roast, which you need to roast or cook (I use the crockpot for mine) for at least 4 hours to get it soft and edible.

poppysinger2, Mar 21, 8:40am
Thanks for that thread , its not just me then !

alebix, Mar 21, 10:05am
I never have an issue with mine and I have a rubbish oven.

I just cook mine at 100 degrees for 3 hours... comes out perfect.

biker_69, Mar 21, 12:35pm
That's the trick for such a crappy cut - slow.

If you've got a crockpot it's easy.

whitehead., Mar 21, 8:01pm
to start with unroll your beef
and with a shape knife remove all silver skin from the inside by slipping the blade under the skin and running it under the stringy buts then trim the fat abit and feel around for any hard bits remove . save all these bits for later . dust with dry english mustard and reroll with sata sticks its no hard . brown in a fry pan then put in a roasting pan and its 25/30 minutes per pound at 375 deg . your roast will be smaller but meltingly tender

whitehead., Mar 21, 8:03pm
the bits you have removed all go on top to drip their fat down the roast these go crunchy and the kids love them . if your making old fashioned gravy they can be tossed in to the gravy with a mashed roast spud

daylite1, Nov 23, 2:18am
a friend said she always uses a cup or 2 of red wine in the pan with the meat. I have yet to try it, but she claims it produces a tender roast beef

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