Roast Pumpkin soup recipe - tip

muppet65, Jul 24, 6:38am
The recipe below is another traders favourite....I have just made a similar version, don't use all your energy cutting off the skin, just cut into roast pumpkin sizes you would usually for a roast and roast with a drizzle of oil, then once its cooked and cooled scrape the pumpkin off the skin saves a whole heap of work and adds that wonderful flavour, I added sweated onion, chili, garlic loads of stock and water......blended up and delicious

highly pumpkin soup recipe..... Roast Pumpkin & Garlic Soup
I use a whole lge white skinned ‘Crown or Grey pumpkins’, cut into wedges, peel skin, deseeded then half again, roast in olive oil with 1-2 lge garlic bulbs, broken into cloves and peeled. Separately dice & fry 5-6 rashers of bacon in a large saucepan. After bacon is browned add pumpkin pieces & garlic. Use a stick blender to blend into a smooth mix, adding enough chicken stock while blending until you get a nice thick soup consistency, then add, salt, pepper & 1tsp curry powder to taste. Reheat on low heat slowly and serve with grilled cheese toast. To impress guests add a dollop of sour cream just before serving, use a toothpick and draw lines from sour cream out into soup, then serve. Or add 1/2c of coconut cream for extra richness.

darkestangel1, Jul 23, 9:28am
Does anyone have any tips suggestions or recipes please - I would really love to hear them!

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